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Society's Ills : Stumble (Review)

Finally, I get to hear the new music. I had talked to the band in an interview a while ago and they told me that they were coming with a new album. That took a long time, but I can understand that getting the band together is not a simple task and when you record your music, well, you know, money doesn't grow on trees. But they did and they have 11 great tracks. As soon as the album started, I was convinced, it is a great album, the more I heard the more I felt that I was right. The music is so fast and intense, I will listen to the songs over and over again. Line Of Sight is one classic song, but I think I could say the same about other songs.

The music has something catchy with the lyrics amplified with the back vocals, they make it sound like rallying chants, you just want to get on the mic with them to participate to the songs. The rhythm is fast, the drum is consistent, it's always going for a fast pace and it never stops from song to song the beat is always rapid and heavy at the same time. The guitars are great, they have a nice rock and roll sound, with some cool solos. Their punk reminds me of Social Distortion or a little bit of Ripcordz. The music is fun and makes you want to party. Stumble took some time to come out, but I think it's great in the way that they took their time to make the album well and to come out when they were ready. The music is fast, fun, a good punk rock and roll vibe. They bring a lot of energy and my guess is that when they are live it's even better. Go check the album have fun and party on it. Facebook Bandcamp

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